Smart Schools Funding Template Letter

Dear Staff Member and Parent,

At this point in time, we are at a critical juncture in our technology plan to continue the implementation of the 1:1 device initiative for grades 3-12, and to provide an appropriate number of devices for our Pre-K-2 grade program.

We cannot move any further until the State approves the 3rd phase of our plan, enabling us to utilize the financial resources that were allocated to the District in the original plan.  In order to do this, we have to have our plan approved or we cannot purchase the technology we need with those dollars.

We need your assistance.  The more letters we write in support of accelerating the process of getting plans approved, the sooner we can purchase the devices for our students.


Here is a list of people you may want to contact:

Chancellor Betty A Rosa:                     

Regent Beverly L. Ouderkirk:               

Senator Betty Little:                              

Assemblyman Billy Jones:                  


Here is a templated letter you may want to send, but that is your choice:



Dear (Person of Choice),

I am writing to you to ask for your help.  As one of our leaders in New York, I know you want the best for our children and to improve the lack of fidelity concerning the Smart Schools Bond Act.  The delay in accessing promised funds is having a detrimental impact on our students’ education.  We want to be on an even playing field with our education partners within our State as well as globally.

How can you assist us?  We ask that you change the slow arduous processes that are in place at this time for the approval of the Smart School Technology Plans.  The longer we wait, the farther behind our students are from a global perspective.  We want devices in our students’ hands as the District has worked hard to provide professional development for our staff to embed technology as a tool in to our teaching practices.

Please look at your practices on the approval of these plans.  Our superintendent shared that there is an accelerated 3rd party vendor review process option with capital projects.   Why isn’t a similar expedited option available in the Smart School’s application process?

We know you care about our children and we need these resources to be more effective in our delivery of service to our children.  Together we can achieve more and provide greater benefits to our students.  We look forward to hearing from you on the “next” steps to help us.




(Please click on the image to view the PDF for the Smart Schools Funding Template Letter)