From the Desk of the Superintendent


What is this?  How does it work?  Why does our school need it?  All very valid questions and we wanted to be able to give our students a voice.

Today’s students face challenges far beyond those in the classroom. On the heels of catastrophic events that occur in school environments, we learn other students may have known something was going to happen or heard a rumor but were afraid to report the issue. Give them an easy, accessible channel to keep you informed. Social Sentinel (2019).

We wanted our students to have a mechanism that they could safely and anonymously report a concern they may have.  This particular platform provides the student an opportunity to raise their voice on issues and concerns they may not feel comfortable reporting publicly.  Students can comment on the good, the sad and the bad.  Students can highlight the positive things that are happening at school.   Students can share what makes them feel sad or worried or any other thing that just doesn’t feel right.

They can access the Shareit app through email as there is an icon in the right hand corner of the tool bar or they can access it on the bottom right hand corner of the Peru Website or any of the School Pages.